Saturday, 3 May 2014

Move CMS

Not exactly new but I guess it's the first time I'm moving CMS without being a Domain Admin.

Technet article will tell you only need RTCUniversalServerAdmins but that's wrong. If you are not a Domain Admin you will get this error, one for each server in the pool you are moving your CMS into:

Warning: Failed to create new instance of "Server FQDN" at "LS CentralMgmt Service".

And you won't be able to Enable-CsTopology.

Re-run Enable-CsTopology with a Domain Admin account to create the instances needed. After that you will need to start the Lync Server Master Replicator Agent. In my case when I did that, I got a error in my FE saying it couldn't access the CMSFileStore file share but after stopping all the services and bringing them back the issue was gone.