Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Skype For Business - My Notes Part 2

Another couple of sessions summary.

  • The local SQL Express instance must be SQL Server 2012 Express SP1 (minimum).
  • Silverlight is still used in SfB Control Panel.
  • If the servers can access the internet, updates will be downloaded as part of the install process.
  • Windows Fabric v3 handles rebuilds on slower networks much better, better resiliency of services when some fabric services were offline, fixes for crashes that occurred during replica movements, ability to enable remote copy of winfab logs, ability to control the size of winfab traces, better handling of internal communication.
  • New Hybrid wizard to avoid the most common mistakes in establishing hybrid connectivity to the cloud.
  • CQD can be on the same SQL server as the monitoring databases but it's not recommended.
  • If you have a paired pool you cannot use failover as this is not supported for in place upgrade. Either take the outage or move the users to another pool.
  • For roll-back, You'll need to make sure you keep a copy of the topology before being upgraded as well as a full backup of your SQL databases. To roll back 1) restore the saved topology, 2) bootstrapper /scorch SfB, 3) reinstall Lync 2013, and 4) restore the backend databases.
  • You need to install SfB core components and admin tools on an AD domain joined computer that is not running 2013 core components.
Few interesting snapshots to complement the notes:

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